Laurie Bratten Announces Campaign for Wyoming House District 51

Laurie Bratten Announces Campaign for Wyoming House District 51

Mar 4, 2024

Laurie Bratten announced her candidacy for Wyoming’s State House District 51 on Saturday, March 2nd, at the 2024 Sheridan County Republican Party Convention. The enthusiastic crowd responded with a standing ovation.

“I would be proud to represent the people of House District 51. I want to put the focus where it belongs – the people of HD51 and the state of Wyoming.”

Laurie has been involved in Wyoming politics for over a decade and has extensive experience at the state and federal legislative levels. She is a former high school science teacher and now runs an agricultural operation in the Big Goose Valley with her husband Rich.

“People are tired of the failures of our current legislature to address the issues that matter to them most. A prime example is the issue of property taxes. While skyrocketing property taxes have been an issue for over 4 years, very little has been done to actually fix the underlying problems or provide real relief for all property taxpayers. We need a bigger vision and a more collaborative approach to the problems we face.”

Laurie will work to build consensus on how to achieve real property tax relief. She will also defend our state’s legacy energy industries and agriculture, push back against radical liberal ideology and stand up for parents’ rights in raising their children, work to protect Wyoming against the negative impacts of illegal immigration, create a framework for school choice that is fair and empowers families to pursue educational paths that best suit their needs, and work with health care professionals and law enforcement to address the issue of mental health and its impact on our community.

Asked about the campaign trail that she is embarking on, Laurie says she’s ready to defend conservative values. “I feel like I’m being called to take on this challenge to truly represent the people of House District 51 in an effective way that they can be proud of, and to do so with integrity. My walk will match my talk and the voters will have a clear choice to make this year. I know that I already have so many wonderful people encouraging and supporting me in this effort, and I look forward to making my case to my friends and neighbors in House District 51.”

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