Wyoming Families and Neighbors Voice Support Laurie Bratten for HD 51

Wyoming Families and Neighbors Voice Support Laurie Bratten for HD 51

Mar 21, 2024

I’m so humbled that my neighbors support me!


Generational Wyoming Families for Laurie Bratten

We are writing to give you our response to the political attacks we’ve seen made against Laurie Bratten who is running for State House District 51.

Our families have lived in Sheridan for generations. We also happen to be neighbors to the Brattens.

The Brattens became our neighbors when they bought their property in 2017. You never know what you might get when someone new moves in, but after 7 years of having them live next to us, year-round, we’re glad they are here.

We have watched them work hard to manage their property, improving their fields and building infrastructure. We have worked together in our adjacent fields. They have put down their roots and are involved in many areas in the community. They have been at community meetings to help us fight for local issues that we care about. We have far more in common with the Brattens than with some people who happen to have been born in Wyoming.

Laurie and Rich Bratten have earned our respect, our trust, and our friendship. It’s disgusting that some politicians and media people think that they can attack someone they don’t even know just because they weren’t born here. We know the Brattens, and we are glad that Laurie is running to represent us.

Dave and Jan Nelson

Dennis and Nancy Nelson

Jimmy and Emily Nelson

Rod and Linda Holwell

Wayne Harper

Terry and Pam Harper

Dan and Shelley Reinke

Sheridan, WY